Light-weight construction in series

The RTM-Technology is the preferred technique for manufacturing components that are exposed to heavy structural stresses or to meet special requirements in terms of shape, temperature, dimensional accuracy, weight and stability.

Economic efficiency, serial production, light-weight construction and functional integration are other crucial benefits of this technology which we recognized very early and started an industry for the serial production of CRP/GRP-components.


Reproducible top quality

Partly automated processes with modern RTM-injection systems guarantee reproducible prime quality and facilitate cycle times that allow serial production with annual batch sizes of up to 10,000 units.

We exclusively process high quality polyester and epoxy resins with reinforcing fibres made of carbon, glass or aramid. RheinComposite has several RTM-plants and press lines for production of larger series.

We master the entire RTM Technological range, whether Class A-surfaces or resistance to chemicals, - Challenge us -.