Light-weight, rigid, reproducible, Components in perfect form

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CFRP components

Leading premium manufacturers rely on RheinComposite

We are aware that the stringent tolerances in bodywork components are a requirement for the function and compliance of the gap dimensions. This can often be achieved only with high quality material systems based on carbon fibres (CF) with matrix systems conforming to the requirements and the RTM-processing technology.

For renowned OEM’s we produce CRP structural components for advance development and preliminary production runs.

CFRP-Light-weight wheels from RheinComposite

Light-weight wheels for vehicles can contribute substantially towards reducing the consumption of fuel and increasing the driving dynamics and driving comfort. The challenging task is to implement the production of fibre-reinforced wheels with a production technology suitable for serial production. The RTM-Technology together with the high performance fibre-reinforced composites (FRP) is the first to show promising approaches.

Using our process technology these precision components with low weight and maximum stability are produced on small-scale from an economic standpoint.