Light-weight, rigid, reproducible, Components in perfect form

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Doors / Door systems

Optimal Solutions

For several years RheinComposite has been a market leader in the manufacturing of doors for commercial and special-purpose vehicles and as a system supplier the company supplies lots of up to 10,000 per annum.

Light-weight construction – Weight optimisation – high surface quality – flexible designs – for every door module there are special requirements that need to be met in an optimal manner.

Thanks to our extensive competence in plastics, we have ingenious solutions and production concepts that are designed specifically to meet the needs of niche vehicles manufactured in small numbers.

Innovative light-weight construction

We produce complete and ready to install RTM-composite doors of the highest quality standards within the economic conditions of small and special production series.

In the manufacturing of special-purpose vehicles, the highly demanding light-weight solutions ensure safety and weight saving in addition to innovative design and high level of operating convenience.

Complete solutions, perfect details

High quality design, electrical locking system with EMC testing

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