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Development and Production

Design, Development and Construction


The construction work at RheinComposite is done entirely in-house.

Customised solutions are developed using various 3-D-CAD-systems including Catia V5, Pro-Engineer, Solid Works, NX and others.

We define the layered structure; decide the adhesive joints and the connecting elements corresponding to the design of the component and go back to a wide range of installation components and add-on components.

From the data record to the component

Needless to say, we also design the associated FRP-specific tools and equipment required for implementing serial production.

We also offer after-care and carry our optimizations and further developments in close coordination with you.

Take advantage of our extensive experience and the most modern 3D-solutions.

Tools and Device engineering

The quality standards in the automotive industry are high.  Our customers rely on the advanced know-how in tool and device engineering.

Dimensional accuracy of all the tools and equipments manufactured is thoroughly inspected and documented as a part of our quality assurance.

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Production process

Every stage of production is carried out in our own company at its Sinzig works. This means we relieve our customers by offering a continuous process chain from the design to the serial production, the quality assurance right up to logistics and after-sales-service.

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RheinComposite installs components corresponding to stipulated QA-instructions, tests and documents all function-relevant stages of installation.

In the case of vehicle components, we fulfil the requirements of the Federal Office of Motor Transport.

Competence in the field of surface treatment, mounting solutions and the choice of suitable adhesive and installation connections are among the services we offer.

In our turnkey services, the final inspections are designed such that the testing stages are in close coordination with the customer’s requirements.

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As a specialised OEM-supplier, we know: When our products don’t reach the site on time, the productivity of our customers falls by the wayside. For this reason our production is closely linked to the sites of our customers and all deliveries are carefully synchronized.


Quality assurance

We do everything thoroughly. Whether an individual component or as part of an assembled system, every component must function perfectly - Uncompromised Quality -.

With our own production facility at the Sinzig works, we can ensure a consistently high quality of our products throughout the product life cycle.

The long-tem satisfaction of the customer is the ultimate objective. To meet the most stringent requirements, RheinComposite has a quality management system in place, which is obligatory for all the departments of the company and is certified by an external organisation.

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