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Research and Development

We are active in the a wide variety of research projects in collaboration with partners from the industry, Universities and Research institutions to promote product and process development and are at the forefront in innovative research.

The awards we have been honoured with including the AVK-TV innovation award, the Red dot Design award or the Winner of the ISB-Success are testaments of our enthusiasm to innovate.


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Paint from the roll

In a cooperative project with the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Materials Research (IFAM) in Bremen, the integration of a painting process into the RTM process was successfully implemented for the first time using a stretch-formable paint transfer film to design the surfaces of components made of fiber-reinforced plastics. The self-releasing paint transfer film was deep-drawn into the mold half forming the outer surface by means of a vacuum and then processed in the RTM process to produce a component with a finished painted surface.

After the manufacturing process, the paint transfer film can remain on the painted component surface for further protection and can be removed at any time without leaving any residue.

The surface of the component can be given an individual design by printing on the film.